Why an annual wellness retreat will keep you sane and strong

It’s hard to believe in anything anymore. We have fake news. A lot of our media is PR. Corruption seems to exist at the deepest core of our culture (and probably always has) including sports, politics and even the healthcare system.

There’s never been a more important time to believe in ourselves.

A wellness retreat gives us the opportunity to do this.  On retreat we have the time and space to listen to our inner voice.  A break from toxic foods and chemicals makes us feel clean and clear.  Retreats inspire us to move so we feel stronger. Good health equals a balanced mind  – and it feels more crucial than ever to keep ourselves sane and strong in this world.

But with the average price of a seven-day retreat valued at around two to five thousand dollars, retreats are not necessarily affordable.

Or are they?

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Facial Acupuncture: Build Collagen the natural way

If you are seeking a natural alternative to Botox then Facial Acupuncture is worth exploring. It works on the connective tissues (fascia) that improves elasticity and collagen in the skin.

As a devotee of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I have long respected the amazing benefits of body acupuncture so it was a privilege to meet and experience a Facial Acupuncture (FA) treatment with Joel Granik, a licensed Acupuncturist and co-founder of ‘Floating Lotus’ healing spa in Manhattan.

I would move to New York to take regular sessions with this guy!

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ZEN IN THE CITY – Manhattan’s Meditative Side…

In trendsetting New York, a string of wellness venues are 
taking the meditation experience to new heights. Here are 
five places around Manhattan to get in the zone.


Opened last November in the “fitness district” of Flatiron, Inscape offers a secular meditation experience in its striking wood-and-canvas Dome room and a second, more intimate studio, with 30–45 minute audio-guided sessions tailored to deep rest, deep breathing, and visualization. There’s also a curated retail space stocked with a wealth of remedies (1-646/952-0706).

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WELLNESS ALERT: Sacred Nap at the Four Seasons Sayan in Bali

At one of the world’s most luxurious resorts, a resident Buddhist nun is rocking well-heeled folk to sleep…

This is not a drill. We are exhausted. We work far longer than we have ever before. Our adrenal glands are shot. We probably drink too much coffee. We aren’t moving enough. The National Sleep Foundation reports that most of us aren’t sleeping well.  And according to Dr. Oz, sleep is the ‘single biggest underappreciated health problem’ in the world.

Which brings me the newly devised ‘Sacred Nap’ on the menu at the Four Seasons Sayan (http://www.fourseasons.com/sayan) in Bali.  When I recently stayed at this stunning resort and was invited to experience this new experience and I was like YES PLEASE!  For someone like me who is prone to insomnia, the most beneficial spa treatments are always those that coax me into a deep slumber for an hour or so.
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Melbourne’s urban sanctuaries…

During the summer, I spent a month exploring Melbourne’s urban sanctuaries and quite frankly,  I was impressed. This beautiful cultured city is bursting with offerings. Here’s my hot list…

What is it with Melbournites and their obsession with float tanks? Over the last few years, a number of very cool float pod venues have opened. These include Beyond Rest (https://beyondrest.com.au) in  Gravity Flotation Centre (https://www.gravityfloat.com.au) in Armadale. A one-hour float in one of these cocoon-shaped pods filled with warm salty water feels very healing.
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