MAY 2019: Spas, retreats, products, and news from Judy Chapman

This year,  I’ve been working on several incredible projects including consulting on a Tibet-inspired product line for a wellness retreat located in upstate New York and developing a native range of treatments for a boutique retreat opening in Bali in 2019. These are my top 5 discoveries for May (including one big dislike)…

I was honored to be invited to Onda Beauty, a concept spa store situated in Tribeca New York with outlets in Sag Habor, Sydney Australia and now London! The clean beauty brand is created by Larissa Thomson with Sarah Bryden-Brown and Australian actress, Naomi Watts, and the vibe is healing and holistic.  Onda Beauty features scents, perfumes and ethical skincare with efficacy. Some of my personal favorites including UMA and GOOP line the shelves. Keep an eye on their rotating calendar of visiting healers, reiki masters and intuitive readers – these girls know what’s going on.

On a recent visit to Western Australia, I stumbled across this stunning Australian-made organic perfume range, Oneseed Perfumes, that I immediately recommended to one of my clients (they love it just as much as I do). Created by Liz Cook, the beautifully packaged collection consists of women and men perfumes, body elixirs, roll-on and travel samples.  My current obsession? ‘Dreamer’ made with Ginger and Clary Sage – divine

In New York? I highly recommend a visit to Hudson, a village located about three hours drive from New York. It’s plentiful with artisans curating beautiful perfume ranges, skincare, bread, wines and furniture.  I was particularly mesmerized by the 2 note, store that offers a scent range inspired by sound.  Created by Caroline Mix and Darcy Doniger (both musicians with a  love affair for the ‘art of bottling nature’), the ethos of their range is based on blending top, heart and bass notes to form a symphony of scents.  All of the perfumes, bath and bodycare are crafted in small batches comparable to an artisan bakery – they mix, blend and bottle each product by hand. Their Honey Bath Soak made with raw honey, organic Jojoba and infused with Grapefruit and Ginger looks good enough to eat.

LOVE Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas brand-wide ban on all toxic sunscreens and embracing environmentally-friendly and biologically-safer alternative – All approved sunscreens have been recognized as 100 percent reef-safe, passing safety measures established from acceptable Environmental Working Group standards and the latest scientific research on coral reef health, Six Senses has also selected products that use plant-based or fully compostable packaging.

Don’t love so-called ‘spa and wellness awards’ that charge astronomical fees just to be nominated in their awards. Who send out countless emails pushing you to ‘buy’ to be included in their list (that includes just about every brand in the world) – and who obviously don’t do their research or have zero understanding  of the brands they recommend. Not cool.


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