October pulsepoint – top 3 best spa product brands

Welcome to October’s pulsepoint…

People often ask me what’s my favorite spa or retreat? It’s a tough question as quite frankly, I love most spas and retreats I get to experience. Whether it’s the mountain landscape or the incredible architecture or simply the authentic caring service of the staff, every destination offers a unique element you cannot find elsewhere.

However, when it comes to spa product brands, I have plenty of favorites. Here’s my top 3 for October!

NEW! Have you seen the new Dutch-born brand, The Tides? It’s absolutely stunning! Founded by Annemarie Wortman and Kimmo Jacobs, in my opinion The Tides is the most ground-breaking brand to be launched in 2018.  Journey through their range of self-care products themed around Recovery & Sleep, Sports & Endurance, Energy & Strength and Cleanse & Detoxify. Experience high-results brain-body wellness treatments curated to reboot the body and brain through innovative treatment techniques, massage, breathing, stretching, yoga, meditation and (mindful) exercises. These women know what they are doing and then some! Check them out at  https://www.thetideswellness.com

P.S You can try their treatments at the spa at The Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam. (https://www.conservatoriumhotel.com/en)

I IS FOR ILAPOTHECARY: Guess which spa brand opened its first flagship store this month? Ilapothecary is a gorgeous spa brand that also deals with modern day issues like sleep, stress and digital overload. Founded by mother brand ila-spa (who those of us in the spa world know is one of the most beautiful treatment and product brands in the world), this sister brand is affordable and accessible. Ingredients are a powerful blend of British grown herbs, homeopathy, crystals, vitamins and stem cells and really deliver. Well  I’ve been a big ila fan for years and a little biased but take a look for yourself at https://www.ilapothecary.com

When it comes to well-executed treatment sequences with sublime retail to boot, then Subtle Energies is up there with the best.  I’ve been fortunate to experience treatments developed by Subtle Energies in several spas around the globe – the most recent being the Sleep Support Remedy at the Six Senses Spa in Crete. Like the two brands mentioned above, Subtle Energies have created treatments to alleviate if not cure issues caused by our modern lifestyles – like chronic sleep disorder! I absolutely adore this aromatherapy-ayurveda range – using them at home feels like a beautiful ritual in itself.  Find out more about this Australian-born brand at https://subtleenergies.com.au