I had a Kobido facial in Paris and here’s what happened…

Just back from seven months on the road setting up spas in some beautiful locations including Crete, Bali and Rottnest Island in Perth. Along the way, I had the opportunity to try the infamous #Kobido facial recommended by my friend at @arodhanabeauty and another friend who suggested I read more about Paris via blogger and bag designer @kasiadietz  So I ventured down to ‘Free Persephone’ (https://freepersephone.com), a gorgeous beauty spa created by Connecticut-born Lauren Creecy.  Inside it’s all French, floral and rustic, and boasts a pretty fragrance and tea bar. I was beyond excited to finally experience the world-renowned #kobido sculpting facial. Wow! Mine was delivered by the talented Sandrine and it was such a memorable experience. The Kobido is often referred to as a Japanese face-lift (and you do you look really good for days afterwards), but it actually feels very gentle – like you are receiving a choreographed dance upon your skin – sculpting, soothing and toning. Sandrine played beautiful poetic music during my facial and it all felt very dreamy.
The Kobido facial has a long and rich history that dates back to the 15th century.  It’s said to be the name of a Japanese company and lineage that has offered the Kobido style of Japanese facial for over 540 years. Kobido was created by two of Japan’s most skilled Anma masters (Anma means ‘press rub’ and was a form of massage practiced long before Shiatsu and western massages developed).  What makes this facial sought-after is that it takes years (decades) to learn the treatment.  Today, one of the most respected Kobido masters is Doctor Shogo Mochizuki who is also the author of 48 titles including: “Anma: The Art of Japanese Massage” and “Zoku Shin Do: Japanese Foot Massage”.
There are apparently 48 technique categories to learn within the facial sequence (but there are literally thousands of actual movements).  It truly is the most technically advanced facial in Japan if not the world. Certainly, during the facial I experienced, it felt like one of the most sophisticated sequences I’ve ever experienced. How on earth Sandrine remembered all the different movements is beyond me.  The results speak for themselves – this is an absolute must-do when in Paris
P.S. I recently heard they have introduced Kobido facial into the spa at The Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris (so clever)!  https://www.fourseasons.com/paris
You can read more about the exotic history of this treatment at https://kobido.com and don’t forget to drop by Free Persephone on Boulevard Raspail when your feet are in need of a good pedicure (there was an organic farmers market happening on the day I visited so I highly recommend exploring this too). It was a delicious day all round!