1o days, 10 facials: Bali’s Best Anti-Aging Facials

Whether you need to polish and plump for a night out or are looking for treatments that will last longer and continue to improve your skin tone and complexion, Bali has the remedy.

Ayurvedic Marma Point Facial

Where: COMO Shambhala Estate

Why: Did you know that our face consists of several nerve and pleasure-centers?  With this knowledge, COMO’s holistic facial offers so much more than your usual cleanse, scrub and mask. It consists of an incredible facial massage enhanced by the gentle pressing of ‘secret’ points that encourage circulation, lymph flow and muscle tone – not to mention deep and profound relaxation.  The result? Nourished skin and a calm mind.

How much: 60 minutes | Rp 1,600,000++

What else: COMO Shambhala Estate offers an array of wellness therapies inclusive of yoga, Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine and Pilates – all combined with nutritious cuisine to facilitate deep and lasting wellness.

PH: +62 361 978 888   Email: csestate@comoshambhala.com

The Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP)

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