Six Bali Massages that will rock your world…

#From the divine ila-spa chakra ceremonies to Como’s redigital detox style, these are six of my favorite massages to try when in Bali…

Everyone’s talking about the Gold-Infused Royal Massage treatment delivered in the Private Suite at this in central Seminyak spa. The massage is delivered with 24k gold massage oil, semi-precious stones and rosewater. What makes this one memorable is the over-the-top opulent interiors inspired by Persia, Egypt, India and Morocco. The Kicker: To create the right music for this massage the founder of Prana, Jim Elliot, took a boat to a remote area in Papua and recorded natural ocean sounds and bird noises. Read our latest post 


When it comes to blending spa with wellness, then the spa at Peppers Seminyak have something good going on!  Love both the Symmetry Massage and Detox Massage here (their spa consultant knows their stuff) but it’s their comprehensive juice and nutrition programs that are creating a buzz. Feel like a booster? Why not check into a 3 or 7 day Wellness Retreat where you not only get to experience the signature massages but will reap the benefits of daily yoga, colon therapy, breath, meditation and nutrition classes – all while staying in luxe villas plus your choice of either healthy meals or juice fasting – depart with a glow!   Read more


This unique massage begins with therapists performing a warrior ritual inspired by traditional Indonesian ‘silat’ martial arts to get the ci moving. Therapists then roll, press and massage warm bamboo sticks across your body to stretch out and soothe your limbs and ligaments. Feels so good! Read more The Kicker: Outside guests who join in on the morning yoga have complimentary access to the steam room, hot and cold plunge pools, detox oxygen chamber and swimming pool facilities.


Ever since Alila opened in Ungasan, I’ve been a fan of this brand and they have never let me down yet. Their signature offering is the Therapeutic Massage that is a blend of Balinese, Swedish, Acupressure and Thai techniques. It’s an exceptional sequence from start to finish and on the menu at all Alila spas in Bali. Finish up with an invigorating Vichy shower to get your skin singing. The Kicker: Therapists undergo on-going training in anatomical physiology, nutrition and meditation and know what they are doing.


Trust me this signature massage is one of the best on the island as it is a real wellbeing massage. The sequence is unique and has been thoughtfully curated to reverse the effects of our digital lifestyle. For example, the movements counter how our body caves forward or inwards that gives lasting results. Not to mention, COMO is one of the most beautiful retreats in South East Asia. INSIDER TIP: Practitioners are trained to understand your body at a glance and follow their intuition to deliver a personalised experience.

Como Shambhala Estate

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