WELLNESS ALERT: Sacred Nap at the Four Seasons Sayan in Bali

At one of the world’s most luxurious resorts, a resident Buddhist nun is rocking well-heeled folk to sleep…

This is not a drill. We are exhausted. We work far longer than we have ever before. Our adrenal glands are shot. We probably drink too much coffee. We aren’t moving enough. The National Sleep Foundation reports that most of us aren’t sleeping well.  And according to Dr. Oz, sleep is the ‘single biggest underappreciated health problem’ in the world.

Which brings me the newly devised ‘Sacred Nap’ on the menu at the Four Seasons Sayan (http://www.fourseasons.com/sayan) in Bali.  When I recently stayed at this stunning resort and was invited to experience this new experience and I was like YES PLEASE!  For someone like me who is prone to insomnia, the most beneficial spa treatments are always those that coax me into a deep slumber for an hour or so.

The Sacred Nap is held in an open-air Dharma Shanti Bale nestled amidst green rice fields within the property grounds. The stunning bale, co-designed with Elora Hardy (http://ibuku.com), is constructed from sustainable bamboo. and offers the most serene setting for taking a sietsa.

‘I was inspired to experiment with this from rocking my own baby to sleep,’ explains Ibu Fera, the spa’s resident wellness mentor who is a former Buddhist-nun who studied at a monastery in Burma. ‘And it works’, she smiles.

Indeed it does!

In a nutshell: You are cocooned in a womb of pure silk that is suspended from the ceiling of the bale, all the while listening to the sounds of nature and a lullaby and story-telling by Fera.

The sensation of floating in the air feels incredible. All the tight knots and muscles in my body seemed to melt away with gravity.  Ibu Fera adds more magic to the experience with sound therapy and chanting and quietly tells the life story of Buddha.

Nobody (including myself) has ever stayed awake long enough to hear the full story.   Ibu Fera explains how one New Yorker reported that was the first time he had experienced a ‘proper deep sleep in years’ without the use of medication.

It’s no surprise then to learn that the Sacred Nap is now a sought-after experience on their spa menu.

From the Samadome (https://somadome.com),  a ‘peace in a pod’ concept to the new genre of gyms offering ‘sleep classes’ plus sleep retreats, experiences that induce deep calm are on the rise. It’s going to be interesting to see what other sleep-enhancing treatments will be launched at spas around the world.  I’m so excited about the potential, I can’t sleep…

Group sessions are complimentary but you run the risk of other participants snoring. Private sessions are Rp900,000++ for up to 2 people.  




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