Hello wellness seekers!

Welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing must-try recommendations as I continue to travel the world in search of rare, exceptional and authentic wellness experiences.

This month, I’ve been exploring Melbourne’s urban sanctuaries and quite frankly,  I am very impressed. This beautiful cultured city is bursting with offerings. Here’s my hot list…

What is it with Melbournites and their obsession with float tanks? Over the last few years, a number of very cool float pod venues have opened. These include ‘Beyond Rest’ (https://beyondrest.com.au) in  ‘Gravity Flotation Centre’ (https://www.gravityfloat.com.au) in Armadale. A one-hour float in one of these cocoon-shaped pods filled with warm salty water feels very healing.

For a happening New York-style yoga and meditation studio, ‘Happy Melon’ (https://happymelon.com.au) is one of Melbourne’s most chic sanctuaries. Situated in Armadale, the harmoniously-designed concept certainly makes a down-dog feel very zen. With a menu of yoga slow, yoga flow, yin yoga and several types of pilates plus meditation, there’s something for everyone.

Seeking a knock-out facial? I’m a little bit in love with ‘Herbario’  (https://www.herbario.com.au) situated on Chapel Street in Prahran. Established in 1997, the team of herbalists has been concocting remedies and tinctures for hair, skin, and body for some time now. The highpoint is the menu of results-oriented facials – expect to depart glowing inside and out!  Product-wise, I use their Antioxidant Cleansing OilRegen Extract for toning, and the deeply nourishing Serum No. 1.

While Melbourne has plenty of healthy eateries, there are a few standouts. I’m a little obsessed with the macro bowl at Laneway Greens (https://www.lanewaygreens.com.au) in the city.  Another discovery is the 100% gluten-free ‘MOM Cafe’ (https://www.beingwellhc.com.au/cafe/) in Prahran. However, while the menu was devised by a team of naturopaths, doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists, I can’t fathom why they serve farmed salmon? My favorite is ‘Smak Food House’ (https://www.smakfoodhouse.com) in South Yarra (and their staff assure me that their salmon is definitely wild).

If you are a hot spring baby, then head to ‘Peninsula Hot Springs’ (https://www.peninsulahotsprings.com) situated about an hour’s drive from Melbourne. This Japanese-inspired sanctuary consists of dozens of hot and cold spring pools with sauna and steam rooms set around lovely gardens – plus a spa!  Another option is ‘Hepburn  Bathhouse & Spa’ (https://www.hepburnbathhouse.com) situated in Daylesford, regarded as Australia’s very own spa town.

Closer to home, Melbourne boasts her own version of Sydney’s famous Bondi pavillions. The’Brighton Baths’ (https://brightonbathshealthclub.com.au) offers an elegant club-style atmosphere. There’s a seawater pool, steam room, gym (with yoga and other fitness classes) and a cafe. With views over the sea, this place is an ideal spot to replenish.

As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to stay rejuvenated in Melbourne. And the good news? Some experiences are nicely affordable. I love to walk around the Botanic Gardens, fondly known as ‘the Tan’. Being so close to all that greenery feels refreshing for the soul!

Next stop: New York…see you soon!